Hello dear visitor! My name is Megumi / Gracie.

Not a big fan of rambling about myself, but welcome to my blog, where I chronicle my miscellaneous adventures with anime both good and bad, and hopefully, where you’ll find recommendations that are to your liking.

I like to find a nice balance between objective criticism and subjective taste, so please take what you will from my opinions. I appreciate close to every anime genre there is, mostly because there are anime of all genres which I’ve seen and appreciated…and also anime of all genres which I have completely abhorred. I have high regard for anything mature, anything engaging yet experimental at the same time, anything with intelligence and anything which makes me think.

Hopefully you’ll better understand what I mean as I review more titles, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy what you find here.

2017 update: I update more sporadically nowadays, due time constraints for both watching anime and writing about it. But perhaps one nice thing that has come out of it is that now I just watch shows I really enjoy rather than watch everything just to say that I have. So you can expect a high chance that I think every show I write about is amazing, haha.


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