Thoughts – When Dreams Come True


And so I find myself back on my blog! My deepest and most sincere apologies to anyone who was following my weekly write-ups, which I unexpectedly ditched mid-season. The short story? Exams. Tedious, nerve-wrecking exams. Which, thank God, I passed! And passed well. Of course, following exams, the thought of having to catch up on anime seemed a lot less attractive than the thought of catching up on sleep…and one thing led to another, hence, the several months without updates. While I will not be going back to weekly write-ups on the shows I was following, I might still consider doing full reviews for them…so we’ll see.

Anyhow, even while I wasn’t able to write, I was still following anime news occasionally, and these few weeks have given me lots of reasons to believe that dreams really do come true! While I understand that not everyone will jump in joy at the following noteworthy announcements, it’s still nice to think that the impossible can become possible…which means, as cheesy as it sounds, that one should never give up hoping for good things to come.

1) D.Gray-Man Manga Continues


[SPOILERS for D.Gray-Man’s latest chapter]

D.Gray-Man has returned from the dead along with me! After an approximate hiatus of two years since Allen and the Millenium Earl were playing an angst-ridden game of hide-and-seek involving mysterious flashbacks, we now have the latest chapter of the dark and fascinating shounen adventure, which features, well… Allen and the Millenium Earl still playing an angst-ridden game of hide-and-seek involving mysterious flashbacks.

But who cares, this is D.Gray-Man, the shounen whose villains seemed less and less evil as the story continued; not to mention more and more visually appealing! The cunning, manipulative, Akuma-conjuring Millenium Earl is no longer a fat white rabbit in a top hat, but a sensitive, dashing gentleman with a deep affection for his long-lost brother. As tiring as it sounds, more prolonged mystery means more story, more story means more material to make an anime continuation, more anime means more animated Tyki Mikk. Two years on and I still don’t know which camp I should ally myself with.

That aside, it was still two years of hiatus with not-so-encouraging news in-between, and the one thing I’m genuinely, genuinely thankful for is that Hoshino-sensei seems to have recovered, and continues to share her story with her readers. If nothing else, you should check out D.Gray-Man for her beautiful artwork – it just keeps on getting better and better.

2) Kindaichi Gets a New Season


Yay, Kindaichi is coming back in October 2015! Yes, I know it’s coming back after a rather modest run in 2013, and yes I did give Returns a relatively scathing review, but hey, I like Kindaichi the way some people like their favourite K-Pop groups – unconditional on the actual merit of new material. New Kindaichi means new mysteries, and when Kindaichi is at its best, nothing else comes close. So 24 episodes is still worth it for even 3 episodes worth of a thumping good mystery – and yes I’ll be watching all 24 episodes just for those 3.

Considering that I hear of virtually no one else in the anime community recommending Kindaichi, with those who mention it daring to even say that Detective Conan is a superior franchise (and these folks shall go unnamed), Kindaichi’s new season is a nice surprise, and a good reminder that popularity doesn’t always determine the possibility of a comeback…although it sure does help, I suppose.

3) Legend of the Galactic Heroes Comes to the West


What more can I say, other than !!!!!! Never in a million years would I have thought this possible. It’s like Yang Wen-li decided to give up alcohol, or something. Gineiden is going to be available outside Japan in both anime (thank you Sentai) and novel form (thank you Viz), we might get an English dub, which means I might get to hear Reinhard lambasting the Empire’s aristocrats in a British accent…this is madness.

Also, while Gineiden is certainly not unpopular by any stretch of the imagination, it still is a very underrated show. And for good reason – it’s not the kind of show you’d expect to like; believe me, it wasn’t the kind of show I expected to like. But it’s always nice to give it more avenue for hype, because there are always hidden hipsters out there who will get curious about a decades-old production being every bit worth the licence.

So, to wrap it all up, there are good things to look forward to in the upcoming months. No matter how busy I can get, I always get perked up by nice surprises such as these. To everyone who is still waiting for their third seasons, or manga continuations, or licences – don’t give up hope! Now, if only Anno could get back to making Evangelion 4.0 so it won’t be a century until it comes to theatres…


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